Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


In the school yard, Billy stumbles across lollipop sticks with lipstick stains. After showing them to his friend Patrick, the latter decides to go looking for the young girl whose lips have left their mark on his imagination. The two teenage boys set out for a quest as to find this mysterious goddess...

Music :
Valentino Aladin, Maguely Rimpet and Dimi Frantz Afriani
Editing :
Wanika Dominique
Screenplay :
Jeffrey Carl Augustin
Producer :
Mickelson Morency
Cast :
Thompson Wolf Laguerre, Patrick Kenz Christian Jerome and Jeannite Jean Baptiste
Cinematographer :
Claudy Lafrance

  • Jeffrey Carl Augustin

    Jeffrey Carl AUGUSTIN entered the Ciné Institute in 2014 and specialized in Directing and screenwriting where he directed seven shorts. His main goal is now to reinforce his desire and determination to help develop in Haiti a cinema caring about the individuals, and the link between man and nature.

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