Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


At 64, Bruno resumes training, determined to get back in the boxing ring one last time. After two difficult hip surgeries, the former boxer, now a village baker, decides to plan an epic amateur fight to bring his community together and celebrate his “rebirth”.

Production :
Helgi Piccinin
Distribution :
Animation :
Josiane Lapointe
Sound designer :
Benoît Dame and Jérémie Jones
Screenplay :
Helgi Piccinin
Editing :
Juliette Guérin
Cinematographer :
Vincent Allard

In competition for :

100% Region Award

  • Helgi Piccinin

    Helgi Piccinin is a Quebec independent filmmaker who has developed a unique and intimate documentary approach. Since 2005, his films have shown a profound sensitivity to the themes of identity and difference. Naturally curious and attuned to the poetry of the everyday life, he is driven by the desire to show unusual or uncharted universes. His work has been screened in many international festivals, and he has created several digital projects for museums, universities, and institutions.

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