Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


Talk To Me is about not fitting in, in an over-the-top kind of way.Talk To Me alternates between two separate narratives and manifests the challenges facing two introverts as they try to find balance and harmony in interacting with the outside world. The short chronicles 36 hours of their struggle to engage in society while trying to keep their sense of self, intact. Drawing from the dance film genre, this short film’s narrative flows between storytelling and acrobatic performance, teetering on the line where narrative structure and circus performance meet. By the film’s end, the quirky protagonists discover their center despite the flux of everything being off-kilter around them.

Production :
Misfits Productions inc.
Distribution :
La distributrice de films
Music :
Félix Boisvert
Editing :
Jules de Niverville
Cinematographer :
Kes Tagney

  • Jules De Niverville

    A visual and media artist, Jules has been oscillating between photography and film for more than 25 years. Following his Concordia University degree in filmmaking, he was soon working in the industry as set decorator and assistant art director in both local and American feature productions, including television series and advertising. More recently his film career has shifted to cinematography and working as an editor, primarily contributing to short dance and circus-based productions. His photography has led to numerous publications, has been exhibited in group shows in Montreal and Brussels during their respective “Mois de la Photo”, as well as solo shows around the world. His first film Twitch had a successful run on the short film festival circuit with screening in more than 50 festivals internationally, winning three awards.

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