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court métrage au saguenay


On family reunion day, Amelie feels out of place and lonely as her favorite cousin brings a lover over for the first time. Noticing their young passionate love, she allows her own fantasies to run wild, although some sensations are a lot more powerful than she thought.

Producteur :
Art et essai
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Music : Anemone

Sound designer :Mélanie Frisoli

Screenplay :Ariane Louis-Seize

Cast :Martin Desgagné, Véronique Gallant, Jules Roy Sicotte and Alexandra Sicard

Editing :Emmanuelle Lane

Cinematographer :Shawn Pavlin

  • Ariane Louis-Seize

    Ariane Louis-Seize made her director debut with her short film Wild Skin, which has travelled in more than 50 festivals and won numerous awards. She then directed Little Waves in 2017 and The Depths in 2018, before devoting herself to writing her first feature film.

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