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court métrage au saguenay


Suffering from an illness causing paralysis in his body, Kais is awakened every morning by a different member of his family. Stuck in a frozen body, he dreams at night that he is the hero of his favorite manga, along with his brothers, Fehd the bodybuilder and Zaïd the ninja.

Production :
Les Films Extérieur Jour
Distribution :
Les Films du 3 Mars
Contact :
Music :
Anais Larocque
Sound designer :
Marie-Pierre Grenier
Screenplay :
Jérémie Battaglia
Editing :
Andrea Henriquez
Artistic direction :
Hyun Jin Park

In competition for :

Jury award

Best Documentary


Public award

  • Jérémie Battaglia

    Jérémie Battaglia starts his career with his photography and video work on the 2012 student movement in Quebec and his short documentary Casseroles. He directs a first Web documentary project about the 2012 presidential elections in France. This project will enable him to collaborate with the National Film Board of Canada on interactive documentary projects concerning social and political issues in Quebec. In 2016, he releases his first feature length film Parfaites. He is currently preparing his next feature length documentary Une jeunesse française that will be produced in France in the summer of 2020.

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