Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


The Ball of the cats… is a cheerful merry-go-round of mice observed by a little voyeur black cat.

Production :
Universal Music France - Polydor
Distribution :
Révélations hongroises - Les Ateliers de l'animé
Animation :
Philippe Crozat, Andrea Kiss and Jean-Philippe Salvadori
Music :
Cécile Corbel
Sound designer :
Simon Caby
Screenplay :
Andrea Kiss
Editing :
Andrea Kiss and Jean-Philippe Salvadori
Cinematographer :
Andrea Kiss and Jean-Philippe Salvadori
Artistic direction :
Andrea Kiss

In competition for :

Best youth film

  • Andrea Kiss

    Born in Budapest in 1973, Andrea Kiss is an animated film director, illustrator and graphic artist.She has specialised in animation film since 1990. She has been working as an animator in different studios such as Aardman (UK) and Studio Magica (Norway).She has been directing a lot of short animated films most notably The Sink Song (Csap Dal), The Fairy with the Seven Heads (Hétfej? Tündér) and The Mouse with a Mouth (A Hazudós egér)At the same time, she is active in various fields of creation (painting, illustration, installations, shadow and object theater) and participates in numerous exhibitions.

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