Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


Faced by the global pandemic and race crisis, a performer dedicates a moment for personal catharsis through movement.

Production :
Festival Quartiers Danses and N/a
Sound designer :
Paloma Daris Becotte
Screenplay :
Siam Obregón
Cast :
Jontae McCrory
Editing :
Siam Obregón
Cinematographer :
Steven Turcotte
Director :
Siam Obregón and Kyana Lyne

  • Kyana Lyne

    Kyana Lyne obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Performance at Ryerson University in Toronto in 2018. After obtaining her diploma, Kyana relocated to Montreal where she was a performer for the choreographer Andrea Peña. She also collaborated with the company ENTITEY /Jason Martin as an “outside eye”. Choreographically, Kyana's work INHABIT (2020) was presented in Halifax as part of Kinetic Studio’s Open Studio series.

  • Siam Obregón

    Siam Obregón is a Mexican independent filmmaker and creative director based in Montreal, Canada. She completed her BFA with a Specialization in Film Production at Concordia University. With 7 years of experience in performing arts and 5 years in film, she explores the way these two mediums merge in interdisciplinary forms.

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