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ITCHY is a simple-minded but charismatic camel whose itchy hump is a constant distraction. As he absent-mindedly wanders through the desert, Itchy comes across a basketball...

Production :
Distribution :
Music :
Iohann Miller
Sound designer :
David Beaulieu and Sylvain Roux
Screenplay :
Benoit Therriault
Editing :
Guillaume Poulin
Artistic direction :
Anders Beer and PH Dallaire

  • Anders Beer

    Anders Beer brings his passion for character driven storytelling to Rodeo VFX as an animation director with over 23 years of experience in film and television. Recruited out of CalArts in 1996 by the newly formed Dreamworks SKG, Anders began his career as one of the first digital artists on the development of "Shrek". In 1999 he co-created the short film "Los Gringos" which screened at Sundance. Since then he's been involved with the production of feature animated films like "Chicken Little", "Surfs Up" and "Paul".

  • PH Dallaire

    PH Dallaire has been bringing feature film quality character animation to commercials and short films for over 15 years as part of the "PH & Ben" directing team. Their unique, character-infused creations cover a wide variety of styles, from CG to Stop Motion. Their work has been showcased and nominated on numerous occasions at the prestigious Annecy International Animated Film Festival ( Share The Joy, IGA Vraiment Frais, IGA Aide Gourmet ), and has received Vimeo Staff Picks (Share The Joy), as well as other web-based awards (LottoMax Bear, Outside?).

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