Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


One fine morning, Mr Wolf wakes up in an unusually good mood. He spruces himself up and sets off for a walk so that everyone can admire him and confirm that he is indeed the most handsome creature around! He is soon to be sorely disappointed!

Production :
Les Films du Nord
Distribution :
Les Films du Nord
Animation :
Anaïs Sorrentino
Music :
Pablo Pico and Yan Volsy
Sound designer :
Philippe Fontaine
Screenplay :
Arnaud Demuynck
Editing :
Anaïs Sorrentino
Artistic direction :
Arnaud Demuynck and Anaïs Sorrentino

  • Anaïs Sorrentino

    Anais Sorrentino studied animation in the French animation schools ESAAT and Supinfocom. Her graduation film ‘Parque’ (2006) was codirected with Celine Boivin. She then worked for video games, as a 3D animator at Hydravision Entertainment, and then as head of the Animation Department of Mighty Rocket Studio. She came back to direct animated short films in 2014.

  • Arnaud Demuynck

    Arnaud Demuynck is a film director, producer and scriptwriter specialised in short and medium-length animated films (and producing 5 to 6 films on average each year). With Under Blue Skies, he started writing films for younger audiences, either based on traditional stories and nursery rhymes, or adapting kid's books to animation. He is also the author of the original scripts of two shorts films: The Scent of Carrots and The Wind in the Reeds.

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