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Released in 2018 on the Distractions album, “Hey Boy” is a song about the oppressions experienced by women. The lyrics give the patriarchy the finger and highlight sexual consent and body diversity.The video clip, created by director MissMe, adds strength to the band’s already powerful song. Several artists from the Montreal scene are featured in the video, including Frannie Holder and Fabrizia Di Fruscia of Random Recipe as well as Nantali Indongo and Meryem Saci of Nomadic Massive.

Production :
Sixteen Pads
Music :
Random Recipe
Editing :
Sixteen Pads
Cast :
Alexandra "Spicey" Landé, Éloise Caza, Frederique "Pax" Dumas, Lakesshia "Kiki" Pierre and Taminator -
Cinematographer :
Patrick Antoniewicz
Artistic direction :
Miss Me

  • Miss Me

    A multidisciplinary artist, MissMe made a name for herself with her inflamed, rebellious street art. Exploring feminism and other social inequalities, her work takes various forms, particularly transient signs she displays on outdoor structures. The woman’s body, especially its genitals, is without a doubt the main recurring element in her art. A stylish depiction of her naked body with her face covered by a hood with mouse ears, her Vandals are her leading art form. This art series not only exposes how the woman’s body is objectified, but also shows how it is merchandised by a capitalist society. Often using the same themes and patterns, MissMe strives for her message to be heard: calling for women’s body empowerment.

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