Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


Tayra and I grew up near Guaxuma, a beach in the state of Alagoas in the Northeast Region of Brazil. We were inseparable. When I became a teenager, I had to leave this place of freedom to move to the city. Many years later, the sea breeze brings me back happy memories.

Producteur :
Les Valseurs
Producteur :
Vilarejo Filmes
Distributeur :
Les Valseurs

Music :Normand Roger

Screenplay :Nara Normande

Artistic direction :Nara Normande

  • Nara Normande

    Nara Normande was born in Guaxuma, but later moved to Recife. In 2014, she co-directed a live action fiction, Sem Coração, that received the Illy Prize of best short film at the Director's Fortnight. In 2018, her last film, Guaxuma, mixed several animation techniques all connected to sand.

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