Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


Paris – Goutte d’or Area – Spring 2018 – Ulysse 20 years old, pitifull and idle meets around a street Wolfang Amadeus Mozart. The Austrian composer could save his life… in exchange of a dance.

Production :
Les Films Pelleas and Opéra National de Paris

  • Ramzi Ben Sliman

    Ramzi Ben Sliman learned all about movies from his father, a traveling projectionist. The projection booth is his school. Born in France during the recession, he swears to become someone that can help the country: an economist. He studies the field at the École Normale Supérieure for a magister's degree. By the end of his schooling, he realizes he is not meant for economics, and decides to return to the industry of cinema. His first feature film, Ma révolution, notably shown at the Berlin International Film Festival, came out in 2016.

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