Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


A man and a woman live as the survivors after the extinction of the species. While the man takes refuge in his imagination, visiting abandoned villages, picking up junk and projecting improbable flying machines, the woman observes him from afar… Until something falls from the sky and bursts into their lives.

Production :
Purple Neon Lights
Distribution :
Screenplay :
Domenico De Orsi and Marta Zoe Poretti
Editing :
Domenico De Orsi
Cinematographer :
Sergio Grillo

In competition for :

Grand Prize

Quebec Critics Award AQCC

Jury Award

Public award

  • Domenico De Orsi

    Domenico De Orsi was born in Apulia in 1978. He has directed three short movies and edited several shorts and documentaries. He is the co-founder of Purple Neon Lights, a production company based in Rome.

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