Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


Mélusine meets a film director and is offered a role in a vampire film. Dracula Sex Tape is a tale. The moral of this story: Mélusine would rather be offered a cigarette than a role in a vampire film.

Production :
Distribution :
Cast :
Chloé Germentier, Leslie Mavangui and Dominick Rustam
Cinematographer :
Renaud Després-Larose

In competition for :

Shoot no mater what! award

  • Olivier Godin

    Olivier Godin studied cinema at Collège Ahuntsic and then at Concordia University. Now, he is occasionally awarded prizes and grants. In 2014, a first retrospective of his work was presented at the Cinémathèque québécoise. He has directed and written five feature films and numerous short films. With small budgets and a commitment to speech and craftsmanship, these films feature bladed weapons, a few guns, and pacifying trumpets and saxophones. A call to adventure, as one would say! There are also flowers and birds, gallant banter, sometimes saucy humour and gentleness.

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