Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


A young woman is looking for an apartment in a busy metropolis while overcoming a ubiquitous alienation and trying to find closeness. The film uses combination of stylized movements and expressive dance to discover new forms of film language with emphasis on the role of sound and pictures more than dialogues.

Production :
Sol film
Contact :
Music :
Baban Gian
Sound designer :
Matej Lindner
Cast :
Markéta Jandová
Editing :
Tereza Vejvodová
Cinematographer :
Dušan Husár

  • Tereza Vejvodová

    Tereza Vejvodová (1995) graduated at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). Delimitation is her experiment with classical narrative and expressive dance as a form of acting and is a result of her fascination for the physical expression of human body and abstract visual forms. Vejvodová is currently working on two feature film scripts. One of them, The Flower, was supported by the Czech Film Fund. Besides that, she works as an editor and director for the non-profit organization Post Bellum. She also directs music videos.

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