Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


In the far far North lives a very very grumpy Polar Bear. One day he receives an unexpected visitor...

Production :
Souzmultfilm Studio
Distribution :
Souzmultfilm Studio
Animation :
Karolina Andrianova, Ksenia Inozemtseva, Maria Kolpakova and Daria Kravchenko
Music :
Alexey Yakovel
Sound designer :
Sergey Moshkov
Artistic direction :
Svetlana Degtyareva

In competition for :

Best youth film

  • Marina Moshkova

    Marina Moshkova was born in 1987 in St.Petersburg, Russia. In 2006 she graduated from St. Petersburg Academy of Arts with a focus on drawing. In 2009, she graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and TV with a speciality in animation filmmaking. Since 2012, she has been working as a director at the Peterburg Studio of Computer Animation

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