Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


The film addresses the great theme of humanity’s self-destruction. A wanderer hero takes us as stowaways, on a poetic odyssey, a pelagic drift through an infinite universe forever marked by our disrupting actions.

Production :
Sonia Boudreau
Distribution :
Bande Sonimage
Animation :
Sonia Boudreau
Music :
Sound designer :
Christian Rivest
Screenplay :
Sonia Boudreau
Editing :
Sonia Boudreau

In competition for :

100% Saguenay

  • Sonia Boudreau

    Sonia Boudreau is a professional multi-disciplinary artist based in Saguenay. She mainly works in visual arts (video, drawing, animation, installation, photo and book). Awarded scholarships many times for her personal projects, she has exhibited her work in various centers and events in Quebec and France.

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