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court métrage au saguenay


Leo has to look after his girlfriend Lola, who just had breast augmentation. Joined by Gab, an old friend from his neighbourhood, the three find themselves strolling around Lola’s dad’s mansion. What promised to be a plush escape for the boys into “how happy people live” will be a descent into hell, a test that will mark with a white stone a gateway to adulthood.

Production :
Distribution :
La distributrice de films
Cast :
Christian Lohez / Jasmina Parent / Émile Schneider / Sabrina Bégin Tejeda
Editing :
Jean-François Sauvé / Charles Boisseau
Cinematographer :
Derek Brandscombe

In competition for :

Shoot no mater what! award

  • Jean-François Sauvé

    Born in 1991, in Montreal, Quebec, “JF” has distinguished himself as a music video director and photographer for the Quebec cultural scene. “Happy as Can Be” is his first film, the result of a desire to tell stories that reveal the uncomfortable truths of our society.

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