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Mac, a grief-stricken miner, finds himself injured on the desolate planet Carmentis. At odds with his own emotions and EVE, the AI that controls his space suit, he struggles to reach both physical and mental safety. Exacerbating the situation is an oncoming eclipse that threatens Mac’s life with freezing temperatures. Mac is pushed through a tough journey as he’s forced to confront and overcome his personal grief in order to survive.

Production :
Lonely Astronaut
Distribution :
Ouat Media
Music :
Gibson Greig Ash
Sound designer :
Baird Xoe
Screenplay :
Webb Antony
Cast :
Daff Adriane, Mortley Ben and Morris Jo
Editing :
Eden Merlin
Cinematographer :
Le May (ACS) David

  • Antony Webb

    Antony is an award-winning Writer/Director with a strong background in cinematography, editing and producing. His short film The Fan screened at many notable festivals, attracted sales agent Ouat Media and industry attention. His latest short film, Carmentis, is already represented by Ouat Media and was officially selected for Tribeca Film Festival 2020.

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