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court métrage au saguenay


Michel is an ex-punk who spends half his life in his garage and the other half in his flat, a converted cellar. With Leo, his teenage son, he gets up to all sorts of mischief while trying to manage looking after the baby he just had with Hélène, his ex-wife.

Producteur :
TS Productions
Distributeur :
TS Productions

Music :Pierre Rousseau

Screenplay :François Créton and Maxime Roy

Cast :Romane Bohringer, François Créton, Roméo Créton and Youssef Hajdi

Editing :Clément Candelara

Cinematographer :Xavier Sylvestre Bru

  • Maxime Roy

    Maxime Roy discovers the Cinema at 18 years old, thanks to a friend’s father who’s a projectionist. He directs two shorts while still being a student and then creates in 2011 the production company Nouveau Cri. He is currently developing his first long feature, Les Héroïques.

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