Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


Amato takes a look at the diversity in polyamorous models in the Quebecois landscape. Three unique and interrelated stories are relayed through performing arts.

Production :
Distribution :
Music :
Naomie Herpin
Sound designer :
Eduardo Osorio
Screenplay :
Romy Boutin St-Pierre
Cast :
Anne-Marie Cardin, Aurelle Lavendier and Nelly Paquentin
Editing :
Romy Boutin St-Pierre
Cinematographer :
Yannick Nolin

  • Romy Boutin St-Pierre

    Romy Boutin St-Pierre is an emerging filmmaker in fiction and documentary interested in social depolarization, cultural relativism and the plurality of feminist perspectives. Bachelor in international relations and graduate in Arabic language, her interests in a diversity of perceptions led her to pursue her filmmaking experience in Quebec, Lebanon and Morocco. The exploration of sensuality is at the heart of her work, which focuses on the intimacy of fragile characters who go through a socially controversial situation, leading her audience to witness uncommon situations.

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