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court métrage au saguenay


A Celebration is a short drama about 8-year-old Ada living with her newly immigrated mother in Toronto, as they try to stay out of trouble and make ends meet.

Production :
Mahsa Razavi
Distribution :
Music :
Milad Movahedi
Sound designer :
Peyman Vahedi
Screenplay :
Mahsa Razavi
Cast :
Simla Civelek and Ada Yilmaz
Editing :
Mahsa Razavi
Cinematographer :
Matthew Kennedy

In competition for :

Best Youth Short Film

  • Mahsa Razavi

    Mahsa Razavi earned her MFA in Film Production. Mahsa’s works often focus on issues of gender, identity politics and immigration experience. A Celebration is funded by Toronto Art Council, and along with her previous film, Roj Means Sun (2016), are part of a coming of age trilogy.

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