Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay

Experience virtual reality as part of a group of 10. A combination of two excellent documentary films.
Departures every 30mn.

The Real Thing
Documentary, 2018, 16min, France
Director : Benoit Felici
Co-director : Mathias Chelebourg

The Real Thing is a VR journey into a copy of our world, exploring real-life stories inside China’s replicas of Paris, Venice and London.

I Saw The Future
Animation, 2018, 6mn, France
Director : François Vautier

In a dark expanse, we hear the voice of Arthur C. Clarke, whose face appears in the distance. His features dematerialize into a multitude of pixels, creating an enveloping and immersive space out of which the thoughts of the author of 2001: A Space Odyssey emerge.

The film is also part of the official competition and will be screened in Competition 1 program.


Free admission. 12 years and older

Simultaneous VR experience
March 14 - 03:00PM
Simultaneous VR experience
March 14 - 05:00PM
Simultaneous VR experience
March 15 - 03:00PM
Simultaneous VR experience
March 15 - 05:00PM
Blind cinema
March 15 - 09:00PM

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