Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay

Invite yourself to someone else’s place. Move around in his world, in his home, in his shoes. Immerge yourself into different worlds and let them ignite the spark of a smile, of awareness, of a stolen glance. A night of reunions, new encounters and discoveries, the Thursday cabaret sets the stage. The event moves beyond the banality of our mechanical meeting through the experience of the other, and of oneself… Us here and together.

Vinyle & mixologie
March 15 - 20h00
5@7 - Post-Moderne
March 16 - 17h00
Vinyle & mixologie
March 16 - 20h00
Happy Hour - 10th Anniversary of Travelling
March 16 - 23h00
Cabaret II - Friday
March 16 - 23h00

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