Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay

At the exact moment you opened this tab, someone liked your picture.
And there’s cheesecake in the kitchen!
And a rainbow in the window. You should post a rainbow.
And Beyoncé has a new haircut.
And a cat is playing cards in a video.
And there are cheap flights in April. Oh! but there are some dogs in the shelter.
And backpacks on sale.
And let’s check out Instagram.
And new trends in manicure. What an interesting article.
Oh, and pictures of Thom Yorke when he was young!
Well, you will soon be 30 years old. You should start working.
Ok, let’s sign this petition. Wow, what an interesting conference! You should also give lectures.
What character are you in Game of Thrones? And what type of grape are you?
Mom’s birthday is coming up soon. Look, someone liked a rainbow.
Well, it’s bedtime already...

If you are used to that, 100 films in 100 minutes is your kind of cinema!

Directors : Tristan Francia /Anna Mantzaris / Nicolas Petelski /Chad Thompson / Nikita Liskov / Péter Vácz / Michael Marczewski / Kuesti Fraun / Human Postcards / Gina Kamentsky / Carlos Andres Reyes / Chris Plimmer / Paul Scott / Dennis Gerecke / Clemens Wirth / Betina Kuntzsch / Aaron Krepack & Jason Sherman / Junaid Chundrigar / John Morena / Sander Alt / Tudor Botezatu / Lino Balmes / Khomthong Rungsawang / Mahdi borjian / Daniel Limmer / Owley Samter / Johnson Cheng / Jonna Li / Sean Wang / Emilio Yebra / Alma W. Bär / Francesco Faralli / Léo Suchel / Mike Shiell / Fabrice Luang-Vija / Malena Martínez Cabrera / Animade / Mizrakh Olena & Vlad Chernushchenko / Steven Markow / Hristina Belousova / Monta Andža / HyeSu Jun / James Noellert / George Nicholas / Victoria Vincent / Valentina Gordeeva / Everfresh / Daniel Limmer / Adam Black / Monta Andža / Tomasz Wi?niewski / Pablo Girola, Eduardo Hunter & Bruno Scopazzo / MegaComputeur / Nicolai Darre / Nata Metlukh / Emory Allen / Eion Duffy / Gemma Rigg / Aroop Dwivedi / Joseph Melhuish / Jake Fried / Nuri Jeong / Kévin Lagrue / Ben Meinhardt / Jon Turner / Pierre Adrien / Gaspar Palacio / Andy Lambert / Pierre Surel / Cesar Saldana / Jérémy Cissé / Paul Autric, Pedro Pillot, Chloé Plat, Juan Pablo De la Rosa

Attention Deficit Disorder Festival.
A hundred of extremely short films from all around the world.
Hundreds of plots, hundreds of finales, at least a hundred characters...

100 films in 100 minutes is a program curated and presented in collaboration with Kyiv International Short Film Festival.

Simultaneous VR experience
March 14 - 03:00PM
Simultaneous VR experience
March 14 - 05:00PM
Simultaneous VR experience
March 15 - 03:00PM
Simultaneous VR experience
March 15 - 05:00PM
Simultaneous VR experience
March 16 - 03:00PM

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