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Initiating youth aged 3 to 17 years old to short film and quality auteur cinema is a privilege. Short films have the perfect format for kids because we can present fictions, animations and documentaries in a 90-minute program
that include different worlds and points of view. That way, access is given to cinematographic works that bring about
discussions in class or with family on the proposed themes and forms of this art.

In the program !

Family Shorties 1
Family Shorties 2
Big Kid Shorts


Many pearls found throughout the world with colourful and endearing characters for the screenings of Family Shorties and for our new program, regarderie. The featured countries this year are Germany, France and Russia. At the Big Kid Shorts, a selection of original films present the reality of kids from here and elsewhere in the world.

For teens, the session #13/17 is made of several impactful and stunning films that are rich in emotion… a selection for young cinephiles !

The Ciné-rencontres is a new program this year: a school tour featuring guests that work in various cinema fields.

To all the young cinephiles… have a great festival!


The Youth Team

For over 15 years, Festival REGARD’s Youth Team has developed an expertise in disseminating short films among young cinephiles aged 5 to 17. Our youth program strives on developing programs made of professional, pertinent, varied and content-rich films for every audience group.

REGARD’s school screenings are a place for initiation, exchange and discovery of the short film format and world cinematography.

All of these activities make REGARD’s youth audience that’s watchful, attentive, curious, interested and knowledgeable.

In this section, you will find all the educational tools developed by our team.

For informations and registrations, join Marilou Desbiens at [email protected]

Mobile phone : 581-234- 1256

Office phone : 418-698- 5854 #105


Écoles primaires

École André-Gagnon
École Apostolique de Chicoutimi
École Benoît-Duhamel
École Bois-Joli
École du Bon-Conseil
École Le Roseau
École Le Tandem
École Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption
École Sacré-Cœur
École primaire Saint-Bruno École Saint-Gabriel
École Sainte-Hedwidge
École Sainte-Hélène
École Sainte-Marie-Médiatrice
École Sainte-Bernadette
École Trefflé-Gauthier
École Vanier
École du Versant

Écoles secondaires

École Fréchette
École Jean-Gauthier
École secondaire Charles-Gravel
École secondaire des Grandes Marées
École secondaire Kénogami
École secondaire de l'Odyssée / Dominique-Racine École secondaire de l'Odyssée / Lafontaine École polyvalente Arvida
École polyvalente Jonquière
École secondaire Kassinu Mamu
École secondaire régionale Riverside
Polyvalente Jean-Dolbeau
Polyvalente Quatre-Vents
Séminaire de Chicoutimi
Séminaire Marie-Reine-du-Clergé

Autres écoles

Collégial, professionnel et adulte
Cégep de Jonquière
CFP – Jonquière
CFGA - Jonquière


The Youth component of the Festival has three categories: family, school and activities to lets young people experience the magic and the excitement of a festival with their family.

The call for entries young audience of the 22nd edition is now finished!

Films in the Youth component qualify to the Best Youth Short Film Award, which will be awarded by the Young Cinephiles Jury.


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