Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay

The Estonian Short Film Center is proud to present a special selection dedicated to Estonia’s 100th anniversary.

Although Estonia is surrounded by the powerful Scandinavian, Germanic, Russian and Polish film industries, it has developed a strong and unique national identity in this field. Its creativity stems from its history, particularly the German and Soviet occupations, and from a longing for emancipation and freedom. Upon joining the European Union in 1991, the country’s artistic community would regain complete freedom of expression and go on to create a new economic structure for film production which had previously been subsidized by the Soviets. These changes were carried on the winds of the Baltic Sea and would allow Estonian cinema to throw off its shackles and stand out.

In this program, you will discover six Estonian filmmakers who have left their mark on the last decade and have distinguished themselves around the world with their talent and uniqueness.

In the presence of Peter Murdmaa, programmer for ShortEst - Estonian Short Film Center.

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