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  • The Films of the Fall in Namur
    • November 9 2017

    By Marie-Elaine Riou, Executive Director of the Festival REGARD. "It was in Belgium, during the Festival international de films francophones de Namur, that I saw fall peek through this year. Despite my short stay, I was able to contemplate autumn’s colours along the Meuse River, a truly magical setting evocative of the 19th century."

  • Ontario Tour [of all the Tim Hortons]
    • October 5 2017

    By Julie Bernier, programming and specials projects coordination. "Now there’s a deceptive title that grabs your attention! Although I took advantage of a few stops at the Tim Hortons that crossed my path to savour some delicious iced coffees, the main purpose of my trip was the wonderful world of short films. Between September 10 and 25, my car drew an almost perfect triangle between Toronto, Sudbury and Ottawa"

  • 한국의 초대
    • May 29 2017

    Form Marie-Elaine Riou, Festival Direction. "As dawn is timidly breaking over Kyiv, I board my Ukraine Airlines flight to Busan, South Korea, after a very intense week at KISFF. I’m on my way to catch up with the other Canadian members of Focus Canada. The Korean team at the Busan International Short Film Festival has been providing them with tremendous help to get everything ready for the 34th edition of the festival".

  • The stay of the internationals at the Short Film Market
    • May 16 2017

    Since the 9th edition of the Festival, the Short Film Market has endeavoured to create unique moments for filmmakers, institutions, producers, distributors, buyers, and program schedulers from here and elsewhere to meet and interact. A source of inspiration and networking, the event is today essential for the promotion and distribution of short films.

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